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Four balance wheels, two column-wheels and separate winding crowns. To be honest, the LV175 caliber, which is a proprietary, exposed caliber, should be made as public as possible, as it has many impressive characteristics. Caliber LV175 has 437 parts and requires 50 hours to assemble. The development of the caliber took much longer.replica watches The caliber was developed over four years by La Fabrique de Temps, which Louis Viutton bought a few years ago. LV175 actually is a column wheel chronograph. Its construction is two column-wheels, and one of these has three layers. This was necessary to ensure that its twin chronographs would operate without any lag. The proprietary caliber includes four balance wheels. Three are used to display the chronographs and the fourth is used to show the timekeeping portion, which is shown in the traditional way with three white gold hands.

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Caliber LV175 is an automatic movement that integrates 80 rubies. The part of the caliber which keeps the three central hands running is powered by a rotor that can be viewed through the transparent caseback. The crown at the 2 o'clock can also be used to wind this segment of the caliber. The power reserve is 35 hours.

Two barrels are also used to create the bi-chronograph. Tag Heuer Formula 1 Replica The second crown is used to wind this part of the caliber. It is located at the 4 o'clock location. It's also worth mentioning that LV175 runs at 28,800 vph, and has a diameter of 37 mm as well as a thickness of 6.53 mm.

White Gold CaseLouis Vuitton Omega Replica is housed in a round 18 K white-gold case. The diameter of the watch is 43 mm and its profile is 14 35 mm. The sapphire glass used by the manufacturer is anti-reflective coated. It is water-resistant to 100 meters due to the overall construction. The watch is finished with a white gold pin buckle and a black alligator band that are attached to the case by the lugs.