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Franck Muller Replica's Chronofighter model 1695 has been released in a limited edition that is both scandalous and saucy. The watches that have a classic and severe front conceal raunchy secrets. Each one depicts an erotic scene. The scenes are explicit, even though they come from European and Asian art traditions. The five different limited editions are available in silver or gold housings and feature scenes from English literature, Chinese, Italian, Indian Kama Sutra, and Japanese Ukiyo-e. To make it a little more naughty, Graham concealed these engravings behind the case. He then disguised them with a model that had a subtle appearance. The front of the watch revealed nothing about the secret on the back.

The brand's La Chaux-de-Fonds workshop has engraved scenes of explicit nature from five different cultures by hand using 18 K pink or 925 sterling silver. Although they are aware of the potential controversy these rare fusions of erotica with watchmaking can cause, particularly among watch enthusiasts of more conservative tastes, representatives of the brand don't see them as scandalous but rather as a tribute to love and passion universally: "The inventive, questioning,Franck Muller Replica and erotic Chronofighter 1795 Erotic" is not a troublemaker within Graham's collection. Love and erotica are the foundation of all human relationships. "We have allowed our wrist machines to display passionate scenes". The Graham team quotes Gustav Klimt, a famous Austrian painter whose work was heavily influenced by the female body and eroticism, who said "All art is sexual".

Franck Muller Replica 1695 Erotic Caseback Watch

A Chronograph Automatic at its CoreApart from the graphic engravings and the demanding engravings on the dial, these watches are Chronofighters, but presented in a more elegant package with gold and silver cases instead of steel. The round case of the watch is 42 mm in diameter. The start-stop and reset chrono buttons are located on the left of the case. Chronofighter is a double-glareproofed sapphire glass with a domed front. The bezel of the watch is made from the same material as the case. The dial is silver and has a date on the right, and a chrono 30-minutes counter in the bottom.Rolex Sky-Dweller Replica The hour and minute hands have diamond tips and are coated in white luminous material.

Franck Muller Replica 1695 Erotic Limited Edition Silver Watch Caseback

The rear of the watch, which is water resistant to 50 meters, also features an elliptical section of sapphire-covered transparent material that allows the wearer see the balance wheel on the self-winding G1745 25 jewel chronograph movement. The Incablock shock-absorber caliber operates at a frequency of 4Hz and has a power reserve that lasts about two days. The limited edition silver watches cost $14,580 each, whereas the golden models are about double the price - $28,750.